Artist's Statement


Art is my soul-my passion-my life.  It drives, motivates and completes me.  Before I became an artist I was walking aimlessly in the dark.  Now, I stand in the Light and create. 

I’ve been drawn to art all my life but I came from a culture that neither appreciates nor produces art.  It was therefore never an option for me.  At age 50, I entered a course of intense therapy to deal with childhood traumas.  My therapist suggested I take up art and I agreed.  That decision changed my life.

During therapy I began reading Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior, by Buddhist Monk Chogyam Trungpa, who fled Tibet with the Dali Lama.  In it he states, “The key to warriorship and the first principle of Shambhala vision is not being afraid of who you are.  Ultimately, that is the definition of bravery.”  So, I vowed to become a Spiritual Warrior and an Artist.

I began studying at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles in 2004.  I took drawing classes from Linda Jo Russell and Chris Warner, and painting lessons from Franklyn Liegel and Laddie John Dill.

Having lived all over the world, I was always drawn to the diverse beauty and complexity of the human face.  Portraiture expresses this fascination with humanity.  I want to shine a light on the soul of my subjects and capture that unique drama which is life. For this reason, I render my subjects in 1:1 scale or larger and in a realistic manner.  I paint both in oil and acrylics and on canvas and panel. 

My process involves photographing my models and manipulating the image in Photoshop.  I then produce a detailed drawing on paper or directly on the canvas or panel.  I paint until the image speaks to me, until it sees the light and reveals its essence.  What emerges from this process is neither the model nor the photograph but something else entirely.